Cogent QNX 6 Repository

This site houses the Cogent QNX 6 Repository. It is intended for use with the QNX 6 package manager, available through an icon in your side panel, or from the command line as pkg-installer.

To use this repository, open the package manager, and Add a repository through the File menu. The repository name can be anything you like, though we suggest that it contain the word "Cogent" somewhere. The URL for the repository should be:

No login or password is required.

The repository has two sections:

Cogent Software This is Cogent's proprietary software. We develop software for use in control system and embedded system applications, and sell it on a per-runtime basis. There is no charge for use of this software for evaluation, development, or personal use. A royalty is required if the software is used for any commercial purpose. You can get support for this software via email at, via telephone at +1 905 702 7851, or via the web at
Public Software This is software that is redistributable under some kind of public or free license. Typically this is software licensed under the GPL, LGPL or BSD licenses. We have ported this software because we find it useful. It may or may not work for you. We'll try to answer your questions regarding this software, but you may find quicker responses through the QNX qdn.* newsgroups found at nntp://

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