A.6.Software Terminology

List of elements

<arg>A function argument.
<classname>A class name.
<cmdsynopsis>A command syntax summary.
<command>A command or executable program.
<computeroutput>Computer generated data, usually text.
<constant>A programming or system constant.
<filename>A file name, including directory path if desired.
<function>A function name.
<group>A group of cmdsynopsis elements (see above).
<guibutton>GUI button text.
<guiicon>A GUI icon graphic or text.
<guilabel>GUI label text.
<guimenu>A GUI menu name.
<guimenuitem>A GUI menu item name.
<keycap>The symbol on a keyboard key.
<parameter>A function or command parameter.
<replaceable>Content to be replaced.
<returnvalue>A function's return value.
<screen>What is seen on a computer screen.
<synopsis>A wrapper for command or function syntax.
<systemitem>An item or term related to a system.
<type>A value's classification or type.
<userinput>Data entered by the user.
<varname>A variable name.